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At SUN STUDIO .London, we are always looking for new talents and hard workers. Working here is an unforgettable experience. Team chemistry is what has driven our success, alongside proper etiquette combined with our high standards.

We treat every employee equally, with dignity and respect. You will find our work environment full of life and professionalism and you will find that your work will be appreciated. This might be where you want to work for many years to come, or a gateway to the construction industry. Our office is located in Acton, London and our location is what lends us a connection to the greater London area.

And if you love football as much as we do, join us on Fridays as we play on a weekly basis!


Your bespoke staircase and glassworks purveyors

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Unit 1 Heron Trading Estate,

Alliance Road, Acton,

London W3 0RA

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Call us: 020 3870 4399

SUN STUDIO .London (TDH Ltd.) 2015

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